"We are so thankful for the HCSNA funds that have allowed us to receive behavioral therapy parent training.  We have learned a number of strategies to effectively interact with our son, especially during difficult behaviors. The therapist has helped us to implement more structure and routine into our son's day which has resulted in improved behavior and a happier family!"

"When Dr. Haak called to ask if I/we were interested in utilizing scholarship funds to help with our family therapy process, I was happily surprised!  The help and the funds have come at an opportune time for my daughters, and it's very much appreciated.  Asking for scholarships and payments plans from doctors and therapists, and even extracurricular activities, for my children is not easy, yet the outcome is usually quite positive.  I am so grateful to the family and for the funds provided to help us in our therapy with Dr. Haak and Steiner Ranch Behavior Therapy. Thank you thank you thank you!!!"